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Holistic Corn

HOLISTIC CORN (Turmeric and CBD) contains pure CBD distillate and Turmeric in our proprietary formula. Our zero THC formula, combined with Turmeric, gives you the confidence that you are consuming a safe and effective method of delivery your entire family can enjoy. Our ingredients are fully activated at the time of consumption giving you most potential for efficient absorption. We use certified Kosher ingredients to ensure exceptional health without sacrificing taste and take pride that our popcorn is safe for most dietary restrictions because of our Gluten Free, Dairy Free and Vegan ingredients. Holistic Corn delivers CBD Cannabinoids and Terpenes deliciously formulated for the whole family. Try some today and take a positive step toward better self-care!

Holistic Corn Products

Holistic Corn uses 100% natural popcorn blended with Turmeric and CBD. Our proprietary blend is heat activated at the time of consumption. Each bag contains 25mg of pure CBD distillate with no residual THC, making our popcorn safe for the entire family …

Source: Hemp
Strain Type:
Dosage: 25mg CBD per bag / 100mg per box

Popcorn, salt and palm oil infused with cannabinoid terpenes & turmeric

CBD and Turmeric popcorn. 4 (bags) 1.4 oz. (42.5g) bags net. wt. 6oz. (170g)

Gluten Free
Zero Trans Fat
Dairy Free
Non GMO Kernels
30 Calories per cup
25 mg CBD per bag

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